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Michelle Strange

The world’s most popular dental hygienist podcast

My time with Archipelago Communications has been fluid and straightforward. 


I appreciate their suggestions and pitches to build my brand and how to market my businesses.


Everyone is very professional and timely.


I also appreciate their continual communication and forgiveness when I do not communicate promptly.

A Tale of Two Hygienists

Julia Worrall

Correct Sleep

Improving sleep health at correctional facilities.

Our Correct Sleep team has been using Archipelago's content writing services for quite some time now, and the difference they have made in our productivity has been game-changing!


Their diverse skills mean that they are completely flexible when it comes to meeting our needs and their guaranteed 5-day turnaround time means we can have confidence that not only will the job be well done, but it will be well-researched and represent the standard of excellence that we strive for.


We recommend everyone use Archipelago to quickly elevate your practice and establish the credibility you need to stand out in today's competitive environment. 

Ann McCulloch

Face My Pain

A fast-growing resource connecting users with experts who treat facial pain, headache, TMJ, & sleep disorders

The team at Archipelago are prompt, clear, professional and responsive at every step of the process of working with them. 


For our projects we started with one idea and had to change course, but this did not phase Kaila and her team one bit.


I appreciate her status reporting and checking in with our team on a consistent basis to make sure our needs are met. 


Thank you!

Writing Samples

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Company Name

Michelle Strange RDH and Julia Worrall RN (collaboration)

What They Do

Provide expert content on oral health.

What They Wanted

Michelle Strange RDH offers her knowledge of Bruxism from the dental perspective. Julia Worrall RN offers hers from an airway disorder perspective. The main purpose of the article is collaboration: "Together we are highlighting how different our perspectives have been as a nurse and as a dental hygienist.  It is time to really approach this together...."


A Medical or Dental Issue?

Published in RDH magazine, issue March 2020, Page 60-61

Bruxism is often seen in the dental office and is listed as the “third most common form of sleep disorders after sleep talking and snoring”.


This parafunctional (or parasomnia in medical terms) habit of grinding or gnashing the teeth and clenching the jaw has two different sub disorders; awake (diurnal) bruxism and sleep (nocturnal) bruxism, and is encompassed by a complex web of supposed causes and variables. Sleep bruxism (SB) exists in 8% to 31.4% of the population, while awake bruxism has a higher prevalence exhibited in 22.1% to 31% of the general population. 


Unfortunately, both syndromes have the same deleterious effects on the patient’s mouth and jaw, causing a cascade of destructive symptoms in the mouth, head, and neck. The parafunctional activities of bruxism cause hypersensitivity in teeth, headaches, painful muscles of the jaw and temporomandibular joint (TMJ), occlusal wear and often damaged dental restorations, even dental implants. Indeed, 13% of failed implants are attributed to bruxism, making recognition of the disorder essential before commencing implantation work.

Without question, bruxism is a constant symptom in the dental office, at least in the presenting symptoms. However, there is more to this complex and perplexing disorder than meets the eye, as any dental professional who has been in the field for more than a few years can tell you. Beyond the local effects, the syndrome is correlated with a host of other medical and lifestyle issues. This leads us to the question; is bruxism a medical or dental issue?

An Apple a Day

(published in Dental Sleep Practice magazine, Summer 2019 issue, p. 62 - 63)

That old Welsh proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” rings truer than ever today.

More than just a nutrient-rich source of vitamins and fiber, an apple a day has the ability to reduce the risk of deadly diseases and improve one’s overall health for a lifetime. Wow. That’s quite a claim! Let’s consider some of the evidence…

The ABCs (and More) of Apples

This “miracle fruit,” as it was dubbed by a Florida State University biology study, is a source of vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, flavonoids, and dietary fiber. Antioxidants and phytonutrients help protect the body against free radicals, which are believed to cause cancer. 

Free radicals are unpaired electrons that act like scavengers in the body. Dr. Lauri Wright, professor at the University of South Florida, describes them as “waste products from various chemical reactions in the cell that, when built up, harm the cells of the body.”

Company Name

Correct Sleep

What They Do

Focus on jaw development and how it affects sleep and overall health.

What They Wanted

The client requested an article about the health benefits of apples, vitamins, fiber and Xylitol.

The brief asked us to focus on the benefits of chewing an apple as opposed to pureeing food for babies, and how it increases jaw strength and bone development.

Promoting Infection Control Practices in your Office

(published in Dental Economics, Issue April 2020, Pages 53 and 54)

It’s all too common to hear about dental infection control breaches in the media. This, coupled with hospitals highlighting good prevention measures for years by posting signs about proper hand hygiene, and distributing pamphlets about healthcare-acquired infections, creates a breeding ground for patient paranoia.


No wonder people are scared to go to the dentist!


Thinking a bit outside the box, however, turns this threat into an opportunity. Though proper infection control and the right equipment may seem like a big investment at first, once you start seeing the benefits of decreased costs such as reduced lost hours due to staff illness, and a new way to market to your community, I think you’ll agree that it’s well worth your while (or if you don’t, I expect you will after reading this article!).


Let’s take a look.

Why promote infection control?


In a world full of stress and worry, people require constant reassurance about many things in life. Going to the dentist is already high on a lot of people's "fear" list, particularly concerning pain—perceived or real.1 Add in fears of poor hygiene or the chance of catching healthcare-acquired infection and patients can spiral into a ball of nerves. 

Company Name

Michelle Strange RDH

What They Do

Promote safe oral health practices.

What They Wanted

The client wanted to highlight the marketing concept of promoting stellar infection control practices in an office. 


The brief asked us to investigate how to broadcast when new equipment or protocols are set in place, and how to highlight infection control procedure steps.

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